Buyer Review

Min and Paul , 15 Dec 2017

My partner and I first got in contact with Susan regarding a block of land we were interested in buying. She was really kind and helpful, but unfortunately the land was 
already under contract, and we weren't able to secure it.

About a week later, Susan phoned me advising that there was another block, two doors down, that might suit us ever better. We looked at it - we loved it - and last week our contract went unconditional.

Having never purchased land before doesn't mean that I have no experience with other real estate agents - far from it. The estate agents I have dealt with in the past have all left me feeling like I need to take a shower - all playing games and trying to push properties on us that don't meet our needs and wants. The missing element with other agents has largely been a sense of trust, ultimately. 

I trust Susan. Susan is completely different to any agent I have ever worked with - she is always so happy and helpful and goes above and beyond to ensure that we are happy and okay. I always feel that Susan is being truthful with us, not playing some industry game, and when you are dealing with your future home and thus happiness, you want to work with an agent who you feel is on both yours and the seller's side. Susan's honesty, I believe, is what ensured this, and securing our dream block has been made possible because she was looking out for us.